Website Stats for The First Year

How time flies!   It has been just over a year since the launching of this webpage.  Can you believe that the website has had visitors from 62 countries and 12,413 views?  This site is my most popular and continues to average at least 500 visitors per month.  Checkout the snapshot graphic below for more information.

Oct 2013-Oct 2014 Website StatsThere are maAdditionsny people interested in beer and brewery history.  With the name “Sebewaing” used in an eBay or Google search, results are quick and specific to this small town.

Though I am a Spring and Summer person, I have been looking froward to Fall for the time to expand this website.  Some of this planned work is adding more items that are part of the family collection, researching and writing more articles, and adding some additional content areas.  Until then, please come back often to see what has been added.  Like the snapshot picture to the left, look for the box labeled “Additions & Changes” on the front page for the latest updates.

Hats Off Award

Tribune LogoThe Huron Daily Tribune named this website in their “Our hat’s off . . .” column and sited these efforts to thoroughly capture the history of the Sebewaing Brewing Company.  This was published in a June 2014 paper and can be read online at this link.

I want to express my appreciation and thanks to Seth Stapleton and Tim Neuman of the Tribune staff for their efforts in working with me.  Top notch job gentlemen, you guys rock!

Sebewaing Beer and eBay

When it comes to eBay, the most popular items available for auction with the name Sebewaing no doubt has to be brewery related items. Today, there are fifty-two entries! Everything from single labels and bottle caps to Pasteurizer plateposter board presentations of many different labels. Some of the specialty machinery built for the brewery like a pasteurizer had a special plate (pictured) on it from the company. This item is listed at $850 or best offer!  It is amazing what collectors may pay for a piece of history.  Proxy cards, payroll checks, and other business papers also make appearances on eBay.  I have seen my grandfather, Otto H. Thede’s business card with the title “Bottle house Superintendent” from time to time.

How did these people obtain these items?  Did they purchase them from others?  Did they visit the brewery after it closed and search for relics knowing one day they would be worth some money?  I remember the floors littered with papers, labels, bottle caps, and so many other items that would be considered valuable today.  The blue plastic barrel caps along with the foil were in several brown cardboard boxes in the Keg Storage Room just waiting for someone to help themselves.  I remember empty barrels of various sizes in this same area.  If I were just a bit more business savvy as I entered my young teenage years living next to the brewery!  At least these relics did not end up getting hauled away in a dump truck or buried during the demolition years that started in 1979.

Good luck to all the eBay sellers and buyers.  Keep the brewery memories alive.

Former Sebewaing Brewing Company Employee, Joseph Kling Passes

Mr. Joseph Kling, 97, was born July 20, 1917 and died August 19, 2014. He was raised in Sebewaing, Michigan, and was a long time resident of Walled Lake, MI. He served in the U.S. Air Force in WWII. He will be interred with military honors at Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, MI, on October 3, 2014.

Mr. Kling worked most likely part time at the Sebewaing Brewing Company after graduating high school, sometime around 1936-1938. He did a little bit of everything. At the same time, he worked in a barber shop with his father.

Thank you to Jacklyn Hughes for the photograph and the information provided.

Lost Architectural Plans Surface

Spring cleaning usually involves discarding items that have been packed away occupying space for mblueprint-rectangle-800x480any years.  Tools, fishing tackle, hunting supplies, old boxes of photos, newspaper clippings, and business documents just to name a few.

During the summer as William Thede was cleaning his garage area, he navigated through some papers that were being disposed into the wood stove.  As he was working through the pile, some of these papers were just leaving his finger tips into the stove when he stopped.  These papers looked different than the others.  Upon a closer look, he found a set of 1935 architectural drawings for the Bottling House addition!

What could have been lost forever was recently turned over to this website archives and will be posted in a future article once they have been researched and scanned.