Geyer’s Brothers Brewing Company Purchases Sebewaing Brewing Equipment

In 1966, Geyer’s Brothers Brewing Company purchased $39,000 of equipment from the closed Sebewaing Brewing Company.  A pasteurizer, bottle washer, and bottle filler.  With this new equipment, their weekly production could be done in one-third the time.  The Sebewaing Brewing Company purchased and added this equipment in 1958.  The pasteurizer and bottle washer were massive pieces of equipment requiring a semi flatbed for hauling. 


State Looking for Beer Tax in 1971

Seal_of_Michigan_Liquor_Control_CommissionAccording to the July 13, 1971 minutes for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, up to June 15, 1971, the state was looking for tax revenue from the Michigan Brewing Company in Sebewaing, MI.  Keep in mind that the brewery closed in June 1966 under the name of “Sebewaing Brewing Company”.  The amount of brewery tax liability was $3,881.97.  In this meeting, the minutes recorded:

The Commission also considered three accounts totaling $4,654.54 covering freight claims , a loss and damage claim , and brewery taxliability , as listed below:

Inter-State Motor Freight System, 134 GrandviIle Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Freight Claims $ 305.57
Long Transportation Co., Taylor, Michigan, Loss & Damage Claim $ 467.00
Michigan Brewery, Inc., Sebewaing, Michigan, Brewery Tax Liability $ 3,881.97

The Liquor Control Commission submitted these accounts t o the Revenue Division , Department of Treasury, for disposition . It was the determination of that Department to deem these delinquent accounts uncollectible , and the Michigan State Administrative Board, on June 15, 1971, approved the write-off of these accounts. MOVED BY COMMISSIONER JARBOE, SUPPORTED BY COMMISSIONER WISNIEWSKI, AND UNANIMOUSLY CARRIED, that these accounts receivable , totaling $4,654.54, be written off and the Liquor Control Commission’s records adjusted accordingly.

MOVED BY COMMISSIONER WISNIEWSKI, SUPPORTED BY COMMISSIONER JARBOE, AND UNANIMOUSLY CARRIED, that request made by H. K. Johnson, dated July 13, 1971, for the retirement and disposition of equipment, as itemized on the list attached to the supplemental minute record , be approved, and that these items be dropped from the equipment inventory of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

Tens of Thousands of dollars of beer was drained into the Sebewaing River and for the remainder of the 1960’s, assets sold to pay creditors.  It’s unfortunate the State of Michigan still held an interest in collecting a debt but forced a bankruptcy in 1966 when there was a viable product to still be sold. The document can be seen here.