Sugar Festival Parade Tribute

Scott M. Thede posted a question on July 16, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“Throughout the 1970’s, the Sugar Festival Parade would start around 10:30am on Saturday morning and march East down East Main Street turning at my home next to the Sebewaing Brewing Company and finish on South 5th Street. A float with a band would stop directly in front of the vacant brewery buildings and play a tune in remembrance of it. What was that band’s name, member names, and what tune did they play?”

Here are the comments from the post:

Jim N Connie Bunke The Pickle Band? They still play in front of the vacant plot every year. Um, it is a tune I should be able to give a name to.

Scott M. Thede Thank you Connie!

Jim N Connie Bunke I am not sure about the group’s name though. upset emoticon I’m sure someone knows.

Mark W Rummel I didn’t know that, but I LOVE the tradition. Great question, Beer Man Scott. Thanks!

Arlene Nimtz Schweitzer What about the oink ‘s.. they had a band??

Lynn Zuzga i am sure it was the oink band

Jim N Connie Bunke Mark, for as long as Jim & I have lived in Sebewaing (’78, ’79) that has been in the parade. I wasn’t sure about the band’s name. Thanks!

Pricilla Tietz Pretty sure it’s Onik. They play in the parade every year (including this one).

Dawn Mcgowan-Hartman The Pickle band has disbanded. I am sure it was the OINKS

Carol Sattler Did they play “Roll Out the Barrel?”

Jim N Connie Bunke I thought a funeral type song?

Jerry Deeg They always played TAPS when I went to the parade!

Jim N Connie Bunke THAT’S IT! Again, thanks!

Scott M. Thede Thank you all. I am gathering from the comments that the band name is the OINKS and the tune is TAPS.

Mark W Rummel Playing “Taps” for the brewery works two ways, of course… remembering the closing of the brewery and remembering beer taps. Nicely done!


Amy Wojciechowski We always sat at the brewery location and the highlight of the parade was TAPS! I didn’t understand nor appreciate it until I was older.

David Eberlein Sr. Most likely the Oinks Band

Bob Fournier Oinks Dick Juengel Miles Miller and the boys played. Pickle in Unionville was the last sponsor. He or warren J would know them all.

Thank you to all of those who took the time to comment in Facebook.

Past Obituary for William P. Young May 11, 1914 – September 22, 2004

Young, William P.William P. Young’s family immigrated to the United States from Germany and Russia in the early 1900’s. He was born in Bay City, Michigan in 1914. He was married for over 60 years to Mary E. Young. Survivors include his son, William C. Young, four grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

“My dad loved the adventure of both the environment and the risk of business creation. He led the people he worked with by his driving work ethic and creative energy” recalls son, William C. Young.

Mr. Young died of heart failure Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at the age of 90.

Mr. Young and his wife, Mary bought Absopure 47 years ago. Mr. Young led the company as owner and president. When the business began, it had three trucks and seven employees. Today there are more than 200 trucks, over 300 employees and the business has bottling plants in Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin in addition to Michigan. It distributes bottled water over two thirds of the United States.

During his involvement with Absopure he created and built one of the most respected packaging/engineering companies for fluid filling systems in the country, W.P. Young Company.

From his experience of developing W.P. Young Company and Absopure Water Company he continued to expand the enterprise to include Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a consumer packaging company in 1967. The Plastipak organization has grown to be one of the five largest rigid plastic container companies in the country with fifteen plants across the U.S., South America and Europe.

He believed in helping youth obtain an education by supporting partnerships between students and the University of Detroit-Mercy. Through the Young Family Foundation William and Mary Young supported numerous scholarships awarded to students in various communities, including the employee group of Sons and Daughters of Employees of the Young Enterprise.

In the mid 1930’s Mr. Young lived in Sebewaing where he worked at the Sebewaing Brewing Company maintaining the filling operations. He also maintains a second home on Sand Point in Caseville.

He has made his journey today touching all who knew him with his leadership, values and vision.

Family will receive friends at A.J. Desmond & Sons Funeral Home, 32515 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak, Thursday, Sept 23rd 3:00 – 8:00pm and Friday 3:00 – 8:00. Prayer service Friday 7:00pm. Funeral Mass Saturday 10:30am at St. Clare of Assisi Church, 29200 W. Ten Mile Rd., Farmington Hills. Visitation begins at church at 10:00am

Memorial tributes to Alzheimer’s Association, 20300 Civic Center Dr., Southfield, MI 48076

Best Known Beverages from Sebewaing

Case VariationsMark W. Rummel posted this photo on March 26, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

Happy July 4th Weekend, everyone!

Our hometown of Sebewaing was known for beverages, and memories of our two best-known beverages are for sale today on eBay.

First is an old wooden Old Style Beer crate, with stenciled letters. THIS is old, and I’d say from the mid 1940s (Beer Guru Scott Scott M. Thede knows for sure.) Second is a traditional red/maroon Sebewaing Beer case which were used until the mid 1960s, when the brewery closed.

Both of these held 24 long-neck bottles, which was the only style of bottle used by the brewery until about 1960. I especially like the phrase “Case Not Sold” on the wood crate — they wanted all those crates back, to be reused!

Finally, there’s a Krauss Dairy quart milk bottle for sale today, too, from our wonderful hometown dairy run by Roland Krauss (Sr.) and brother-in-law Frank Gregory (Sr.) Boy, do I miss Krauss Dairy chocolate milk!

You could own one, two or all three of these Sebewaing memories…

Here are the comments from the post:

Julianne Eisele Mark, you weave a nice tale of my hometown.

Betty Guenther What was the slogan? You can beat our —– but you can’t whip our ??

Shirley Roemer You can whip our cream, but you can’t beat our milk!

Betty Guenther Thanks for the brain boost.

Mark W Rummel Another Krauss Dairy truck said, “All We Are, We Owe To Udders.” Sam Lupp painted all those truck sayings.

Graham G Krauss Great memories (mammaries) Those were the days. Peace to all. G.K.

Connie Elise McNaughton Fond memories in my childhood!

Mortin Hapcraft Icons from the past-they are burned into the brain!

Thank you to Mark W. Rummel for this post and all of those who took the time to comment in Facebook.

“Tapped In” – Open House With Angie Noah

Angie NoahThe Sebewaing Area Historical Society has graciously agreed to assist us in our efforts by allowing us space to gather, to fellowship with you, to tell you about the project and it’s progress, and to give you an opportunity to tell us the stories you know about the Brewery!

Members of the Tapped In creative team will be present in the meeting room of the Charles W. Liken House during the SAHS regular summer open house events.

The dates and times are as follows:
Sun. June 7; Noon-3

Sat./Sun. July 11 & 12; Noon-3pm

Sat. /Sun. August 1 & 2; Noon-3pm

Sat./Sun. September 5 & 6; Noon-3pm

We are seeking:
-Sebewaing residents (or regional residents that have direct ties to the community) who wish to help tell the story.
– people who are interested in helping with RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT over the next few weeks.
-STORIES or leads for stories. So if you know someone who worked there, or had parents or grandparents that could share stories, please put us in contact with them.
-SPACES. If you have space to share where we can hold rehearsals, public forums, or even a staged reading. Please let us know.

If you can and are interested in helping in one (or more) of these ways, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the details with you further. Visit our CONTACT page for more information!

Local Sebewaing Man’s Vision Comes True

Rivers Edge Ryan WiltseRiver’s Edge Brewing Co. is located on the banks of the Huron River in the beautiful Village of Milford, Michigan. REBC was founded by three local families: Tom & Mary Kaye Ouvry, Michael & Gill Last, and Ryan & Carrie Wiltse. These long-time friends all live on the same dirt road, and it was one of many nights hanging out, enjoying some homebrew, that launched the idea of River’s Edge.

We set out to create a comfortable space to enjoy great beer and conversation, a place where friends and the community can gather to share a fresh pint and get to know each other a little better. What you won’t see are walls covered with TVs. What you will see is a gathering place with an appreciation for the history of both our community and the art of brewing. We believe every town deserves its own brewery, and we’re proud to be Milford’s!

Ryan hails from the town of Sebewaing, in Michigan’s Thumb. While growing up, he remembers always passing by the old site of the Sebewaing Brewing Co. (closed in 1966, demolished in 1984).

River's Edge BreweryRyan Wiltse and his wife Carrie moved to Colorado in 2006 where he entered the retail side of the beer industry, managing a beer and wine shop for Whole Foods Market in Denver. There he became a homebrewer and immersed himself in the culture surrounding the home of the Brewer’s Association and the Great American Beer Festival. He fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and enjoyed many trips hiking, backpacking and exploring the various mountain towns. There, possibly echoing the reality of once having a brewery in Sebewaing, he came to love the idea of a small-town, community-centered brewery.

River's Edge Brewing LogoMoving back to Michigan to Carrie’s hometown of Milford, Ryan saw an opportunity to bring this vision to his new home. Working with his friends and area residents Tom Ouvry and Mike Last, he’s thrilled to be a part of the thriving Milford community and to be sharing his passion for beer and great places to drink it!

To read more about the River’s Edge Brewery, visit