Huron County Brewing Company Beer

Huron County BottleMark W. Rummel posted this photo on March 26, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“While looking for something else, I came across this old beer bottle from the Huron County Brewing Co., Sebewaing. I know that was the name for what we later knew as the Sebewaing Brewing Company, and our local beer guru Scott Thede can give us details. I think it’s from about the 1910-era.

I wonder if the “11-S” means it’s from 1911 ?

Don’t misunderstand — this is NOT for sale or available. Someone just posted a picture of this type of long-neck beer bottle as an example of what was used here at one time. I wish we COULD buy some of these… and drink a few, too…”

Here are the comments from the post:

Mike Seibel 11-S is likely a number that is related to molding the bottle such as a mold number or even a manufacturing plant identification in the case of a company with many locations.

Don Pobanz I have a collection of Sebewaing beer bottles that my Brother, David sent me years ago. It’s reaaly cool to have.

Bob Fournier Looks good

Judy Bergman Weber Is Scott related to Jerry and Carolyn Thede from my old neighborhood on Rose Island Rd

Scott M. Thede Mark, I do not know very much about these kind of bottles. My research has not gone back that far yet. I hope down the road I can learn more about them.

Scott M. Thede Judy, Bud Thede from Rose Island was my grandfather Otto Thede’s brother.

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1939 Essexville Hotel Menu

1939 Essexville Hotel MenuMark W. Rummel posted this photo on March 15, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“You could buy Sebewaing Beer in 12″ long neck bottles for 10c or on draft (draught) for 5c at the Essexville Hotel, near Bay City, as this 1939 menu shows…”

Here are the comments from the post:

Brian K. Schwartz I’ll take it in a bottle, but it’s not noon yet.

Mark W Rummel Phoenix Beer was a Bay City brewery from 1898 until it closed in 1952. Kolb Brothers (1867-1939) was another Bay City brewery. I can’t find details about “Finest” Beer, but I expect it also was from Bay City or nearby.

Our Sebewaing Beer was almost a “hometown beer” for Bay City and Essexville and beyond…

Doug Rook Wow, a limburger sandwich and a 15 cent PBR, apparently then a “premium” beer at 50% more than Sebewaing and the other beers. 5 cent tap beer, give me a dollars worth!

Brian K. Schwartz Gotta wonder how it would fare in today’s market, considering how global it now has become.

Brian K. Schwartz Ugh!! Limburger cheese!! My grandfather, Frank used to eat that all the time. Grandma wouldn’t let him keep it in the house fridge!! He had to store it in the garage.

Doug Rook When I got married, my “trusty” groomsmen smeared limburger all over my car’s engine block.

Doug Rook My dad, Art Rook, liked limburger as well. It has to be an acquired taste.

Scott M. Thede Nice find Mark, thanks for sharing.

Bob Fournier Let’s bring back those prices. Remember the 15 cent shells and electric bull at the Cornerstone Unionville. Also Bill Pudubly, the one man band next to it.

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1934 Serv-O-Draft Dispenser

Serv-O-Draft Dispenser 1Mark W. Rummel posted this photo on March 9, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“Wow — if you’ve got $485 (or more,) this item for sale today on eBay is for you! The seller says this:

“Very rare Sebewaing Brewing Company Serv-O-Draft Dispenser, 1934… made by Serv-O-Draft Co., Detroit, MI. It is a 3 7/8-gallon (1/8 barrel) comes with adjustable spout, has an air fitting to pressurize the container.

Serv-O-Draft Dispenser 2“This was owned by the brewery to be taken to your home or business and enjoy. It was originally called a growler. The spigot can be rotated 180 degrees. Is complete except for the original key. I have another key that will work but is not original.

“This item is very rare and would be the crown jewel of any beer collection. The tray is 21″ in diameter. If anyone knows more info about this item, please email me. Thanks! More information can be obtained by googling Port Townsend Brewing Company. Thanks for looking.””

Here are the comments from the post:

 Bob Fournier I know who’s that is. Seen it before

Serv-O-Draft Dispenser 3Steve Lenz Awesome

William Harder Bob so do I lol

Jim Bratton So, it works? Sanitary?

Lori Fisher That Port Townsend Brewing Company is not too far from us here in WA.

Thank you to Mark W. Rummel for this post and all of those who took the time to comment in Facebook.

My Sister’s Camera

My sister Bottlehouse Side Looking UpLori Yanke and I spent much of our time playing in and around the brewery.  There is a related story here for some of our adventures.

One of our favorite things to do was play baseball, softball, and kickball in the empty lot where the trucks were parked behind our garage.  We would use the Bottlehouse block walls as our catcher so the ball would not go far on a missed “at bat”.  Lori and I were 14 months apart in age and we were able to pal around more than with our younger sister Kelly Bencheck who was born a half a dozen years later.  One day we were playing baseball and even after Lori’s direction to her to stay away, Kelly approached Lori “at bat”.  Unfortunately, Kelly walked away with an accidental broken nose as the result of being at the wrong end of the bat.  From about the same spot where I would have pitched her the ball and Lori would have been at bat, there is a nice photo looking up at the brewery.

These photos were taken in the mid to late 1970’s by my sister Lori who was experimenting with her camera.  I am so glad she chose to use the brewery as her subject for her practicing.  I’d like to think Lori was reminiscing about all of the times we spent playing there and wanted to capture the views for nostalgic purposes!  She did a great job and I want to thank her for sharing her photos for this website.

Closeup of Pheasant  Lower Portion of PheasantFront of the Building

Brewery Collectibles of America (BCCA) Article

BCCA Article IconI met Clayton Emery and his wife at Cranker’s Brewery in Big Rapids, MI on a Thursday evening, December 18th.  We chatted for awhile and enjoyed a few beers together.  As an editor, he had drafted an article for Brewery Collectibles of America.  Clayton asked me to read a preview of the story.  It was well written and very accurate.  It reminded me of last June’s story that ran in the Huron County Tribune that Seth Stapleton had written.  Both of these guys took the time to research and ask questions.

I enjoyed my meeting with Clayton.  He was very thoughtful and has a genuine passion for breweries and the collectibles that are a part of the trade.  So sit back and enjoy this nicely done article written by Clayton Emery.

I posted this article on March 4, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  and said:

“An excellent story has been written by Clayton Emery, the Editor and RaffleMeister of Brewery Collectibles Club of America. It is a five page article for Jan/Feb/Mar 2015 loaded with history details and photographs of Sebewaing Brewing Company memorabilia. Here is the link to read it.…/Brewery-Collectibles-C…

Here are the comments from the post:

Scott M. Thede This organization is looking for new members and you can read more at

Kathie Kuhl What an incredible article to post for everyone to read. Scott, I’ve said it before and it needs to be repeated. What you are doing with this website not only thrills me because it’s family, but it reminds people what the American dream is all about. Hard work and people pulling together with a common interest to make a name for their town that will be remembered forever. Keep up the good work. It is so appreciated.

Scott M. Thede William, it may not be for everyone. I wanted to help on awareness that it existed. I am not a member currently.

Scott M. Thede Thank you so very much Kathie. Your words of encouragement really have helped me with this project. It makes me happy that you and others are reading this information. Thanks again.

William Harder Scott just letting who are trying to collect know this group has common labels and cans no posters and to help them save money. Been to a couple shows don’t have to be a member to go.

Scott M. Thede Sound good William. Thank you.

Clayton Emery just the editor and raffle guy for the Mid-Michigan Chapter of the BCCA. Thanks for the plug.

Clayton Emery Bill, some of the items in your collection actually came from one of our members, Wes Rundell. I believe he has other things that you may be interested in. Some of the Items listed were from his collection. He is a really great guy.

William Harder One item and that came from a garage sale by the marina, and that was a 1947 dog calendar it did not come from one of your shows Clayton,that is the only thing I bought from Wes

Bob Fournier Nicely laid out, will have to copy.

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A Delivery Truck Door Hanging Around

Truck DoorScott M. Thede posted this photo on February 28, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“Fred Sharpsteen posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago, but not on the Sebewaing page. I thought I would transfer it over since I know people from Sebewaing would want to see it. I know someone awhile back mentioned this door being in a restaurant in Pigeon. Shooter’s Grill as I understand it.”

Here are the comments from the post:Truck Picture

Scott M. Thede This is my best guess as to the truck it went with, the one circled.

Jerry Deeg That is pretty freaking sweet

Elaine Glaza yep,it is in Shooter’s. I remember commenting to my husband about it.

Mary Beers Been there, I have seen it in person!

Elaine Glaza Good food too Mary Beers.

Terri Bell Eden Somebody needs to open a new Sebewaing Brewing! The legacy needs to live on…..

Scott M. Thede It would have been the passenger side.

Frank Rothfuss So who won the door prize?

Troy Fletcher I told the owner that I want that door if he ever gets rid of it

Donna Mikolon You build it Terri Bell Eden and they will come!!! lol Cheers!!

Terri Bell Eden You know it sister! Donna Mikolon If I had the money I most certainly would!

Butch Baker They have another door outside of El Rio restaurant in Pigeon as well.

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Order Book

Order BookMark W. Rummel posted this photo on February 11, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“There’s a bunch of Sebewaing stuff for sale these days on eBay — including this cool Order Book.

It’s an entire book of two-part forms used by Sebewaing Brewery drivers at bars, restaurants and grocery stores to get paid. I’d say it’s from early 1950s (we got seven-digit dialing about 1958) because of the four-digit phone number. Plus it shows only Sebewaing Beer and Sport Beer were being sold regularly then, plus a blank spot for seasonal beers like Bock. Plus, the Brewery sold three sizes of barrel beer (draught beer) then.

This wasn’t printed by the Sebewaing Blade, but by a sales form company in Shelby, Ohio. It could be yours, if you’d like it for your CBWing collection…”

Thank you to Mark W. Rummel for this post.

One of the Best Photos of the Brewery

1933Mark W. Rummel posted this photo on February 6, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“I’m thirsty after all this talk about the Sebewaing Brewing Company’s free beer tap. So, here’s a close-up view of the Brewery taken soon after Prohibition was repealed, we figure about 1935. This was featured in that early 2000s photo story by Walt Rummel that Scott Thede shared here recently…”

Here are the comments from the post:

Charlotte Kritzman Great picture!!

Jennifer Dutcher Too bad they didn’t have the future in mind when they bulldozed a potential goldmine.

Ray Garcia Wonder if “Lost in Michigan” photographer could use his magic on this photo.

Luke J. Taylor Love to have that truck!

John Schneider i have this very same photo framed and hanging up at my desk…..signed by mark’s dad……mark got it done for me…..and it’s not for sale…cause it’s sebewaing to me

Thank you to Mark W. Rummel for this post and all of those who took the time to comment in Facebook.

The Free Beer Tap

Scott M. Thede posted this photo on February 3, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“How many times have we heard about the stories of the free tap at the Sebewaing Brewing Company? Here is a challenge. Referencing the link at the end of this post, what room is the tap in and what piece of equipment is the closest to it? Good luck!…/Plans-Page-5-September…

Here are the comments from the post:

Joyce Harder Ok Scott the free tap was in the brew house and the closest equipment is the brew kettle. I remember lots of times taking my dad down his lunch and that was where I found him next to the tap with a shell of beer. Thanks for the memories.

Scott M. Thede Nice job Joyce!!!!

Fred Sharpsteen I found it also.

Scott M. Thede Nice job Fred!!!!

Free Beer Tap 1

Mark W Rummel I’m doing this from memory (and I was maybe 8.) Here’s where I think the free beer tap was…

Scott M. Thede Very close Mark and good guess from memory. You actually remember the tap? That is awesome! If your red circle were moved a bit to the right, the word “Tap” shows the location. But maybe they moved it to the the spot you indicated? Your father wrote one dandy of an article about it titled “Strange Brew: Why Old Style Couldn’t Last”. I know you are aware of it. Some of the members here might want to red more about it. Follow this link.…/Huron-Daily…

Scott M. Thede Thank you all for playing.

Bob Fournier Not fare I just got the post.

Scott M. Thede Sorry Bob. I was up a little later last night posting and took advantage of the night owls!

Bob Fournier I do remember I got there after some farmers had been drinking a while. Had one shell and they put a bag over the tap and said, come back a little later.

Scott M. Thede Bob, do you remember the tap on the left or the right side of the door going into the Filter Room? It might have been near the big orange brew kettle near the metal stairs?

Bob Fournier Left or west side

That Free Tap At The BreweryMark W Rummel Want more details? Here’s a repeat of the “Free Beer Tap” story from “Sebewaing 150″ published in 2003 for Sebewaing’s 150th Anniversary. I didn’t remember there were actually TWO faucets there, one for fresh beer and one for hot water to clean the shell glasses.

Bob Fournier That sound right to change the barrel they went to a room behind the tap. I don’t see the chill room?

Scott M. Thede I do not see a chill room on any of the plans. the only thing close to chill is a Wort Cooling Room on a different plan page or any of the cellar spaces. Maybe the writer meant the Filter Room?

Bob Fournier I blew the print up, there it is the sink and tap adjacent the filter room. Was the filter room cool?

Free Beer Tap 2Mark W Rummel Here’s the combined photo blueprint and artwork showing the location of that famous free beer tap. Thought it would be nice to let future generations know where it was.

Lori Fisher Boy, I sure missed a lot about our town, having been a goody two shoes back in the day, but it’s never too late to learn!

Scott M. Thede Brilliant Mark. The annotation and story was a great idea!

Karen Nolan “Shell of beer” – my dad uses that term/phrase…clearly a regional thing. Have never heard of it anywhere else that I have lived..

Christine Kotenko when i lived in washington state in 1992 i order a shell of bud and the waitress had no idea what i was talking about

Judy Terrill Lori you just wasn’t a town girl. You know Nancy and I were best buddies. We had opposite lives. She loved being in town with us town girls

Mark W Rummel Christine K. asked about a shell of beer. They were always called that when I was growing up. It’s a good question.

I’ve always heard that a shell of Shell of Beerbeer was a small-ish (maybe 12 or 16 oz) serving of draft beer. Here’s what says:

Christine Kotenko Very interesting. had no idea its a michigan thing. Had the same thing happen when i lived there and ask for a POP.

Bob Fournier Shell, Mug, or Shooper. You do get some looks when ordering.

Judy Terrill My dad sold Draft beer by the shell. Large and small. I am thinking a 6 and 10 oz. I don’t remember the pricing. But I am thinking back in the 60’s THEY WERE cheap
Like a 10 and 15 cent shell. Of course it was Sebewaing beer. Lol

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License Plate Booklet & Old Style Matchbook Cover

License Plate Booklet and Old Style Matchbook CoverMark W. Rummel posted this photo on January 30, 2015 in the Facebook Group “You know you are from Sebewaing, MI when …”.  He said:

“For sale today on eBay — this is very cool, once again from the Sebewaing Brewing Company.

You can own this 1940s Stock Ale match book cover, plus a nifty 1950s Michigan License PlateLicense Plate Booklet Open Guide. The little booklet was printed by The Sebewaing Blade printing department (I recognize that Linotype type styles) in 1955, when the first two letters of your license plate identified the county where you resided.

As kids then, we always watched where license plates were from on other cars, to guess where those people were from.

I think the match book cover is older than 1955, maybe even from 1945 or so, but you can own them both.”

Thank you to Mark W. Rummel for this post.